my beauty bag: raving red

Yes, I know it’s been some time since my last post but I’m back and ready to rave about some of my new favourite products. For the longest time I had a little fear of the colour red. Can’t explain why, but I always felt like it was a little too much for me. Until recently, that is. It’s safe to say, I’ve changed my mind. Maybe it was the holiday season, maybe it was the parties but over the last few months I went on a red cosmetic shopping spree and here’s what I found.

1. Dior Rouge Dior Blazing Red 
This is the lipstick that changed my relationship with the colour red. Part bombshell and part tropical peach, this red-orange colour is a bold choice but it’s the perfect way to add a (huge) punch of colour to your look.
2. OPI Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It
While getting a holiday manicure, I went out of my comfort zone by choosing a ruby red shade with this sparkle coat over top. Now, we know how much I love a little glitter polish, and this polish had so much breathtaking sparkle I had to buy myself a bottle.
3. Benefit Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15
Chapped lips are inevitable during the winter, for me at least, and I love this little balm.  While this balm isn’t as bright as the other two products I’ve mentioned, it certainly has the most to offer. SPF? Yes please. Rose fragrance? Yum! Colour tint? Check!


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