it’s all in the bag

As I mentioned, I am traveling to Europe and although I am not the best at packing light, I am making an effort to pack smarter. This time around I needed a makeup bag that would be compact enough for travel but roomy enough to fit everything I need. I really am that girl who thinks that she’ll probably need to use everything in her makeup bag on vacation so I must pack it all. If you’re like me, then here are some of the best travel bags that can fit everything you could ever need on your trip.

1. Sephora Quilted Bag Collection Small Hanging Travel Case
This bag holds it all. With its three clear plastic pockets it fits your brushes, compacts and eye make up perfectly. If your like me, your suitcase will be a mess, but your makeup bag will make you an (al)most organized jet-setter.
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Core Pouch
I am obsessed with Marc by Marc handbags so it’s natural that I would gravitate towards gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs makeup bag. This one is very roomy and stylish to boot. Sometimes I feel like I need to step up the style when I travel to Europe and this makeup bag definitely makes the right statement.
3. Bobbi Brown Organizer
This best seller is worthy of the buzz. It packs a lot into one compact travel makeup case. You can really fit it all in this bag, your tools, your make up and your skincare essentials. Basically, you can almost take your entire makeup collection and still have enough room in your suitcase for a few extra pairs of shoes.



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