my beauty bag: hair and skincare travel must-haves

I’m going on vacation to Europe this week and I’m definitely not ready. I haven’t packed a thing yet but when I do start I will probably pack everything I own. I don’t pack light, and usually half of my suitcase is taken up by my hair products, toiletries and makeup. This time around I thought I would try (key word here) to only take travel sized versions of some of my favourite hair and skincare products and keep the amount of products I take to a minimum. Here are my must haves for this trip.

1. Aveda Shampure Travel Shampoo and Conditioner
I’m always afraid that I’ll run out of shampoo and conditioner on a trip but as with all Aveda shampoos you really don’t need to use a lot. This one is a perfect, light, daily shampoo that will last you at least three weeks. Sadly, I’ll be back home before I get a chance to finish the bottles.
2. Clinique Acne Solutions Starter Kit
I have very sensitive, breakout prone skin and a long flight wreaks havoc on my face. I use the gentle Clinique Acne Solutions line on a daily basis to combat breakouts but the bottles are quite big to travel with. The Starter Kit is the perfect vacation size.
3. The Body Shop Buriti Baby Body Wash
Ok, so I am in my 20s and still love using baby products but I feel like this body wash from The Body Shop is a step above the rest. My sensitive skin can’t handle anything too hash and the small 60 ml version of this product is a must-have travel essential for me. Smells yummy too.



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