inspiration: all that glitters

I don’t think I ever grew out of my pre-teen obsession with glitter but I like to think that my obsession has matured since then. It’s safe to say that it’s become a little more rock and roll and a little more glamorous. Thinking about a mix of heavy metal and ‘70’s glam rock I’ve recently been inspired to wear dark, sophisticated nail polishes with a sprinkle of in-your-face glitter glamour. With peek-a-boo flecks of coloured glitter or stunning sparkle, these are some of my current dark and glistening favourites.

1. NARS Nail Polish in Night Breed
Fresh from NARS’ Night Series Collection, this black polish is accented with an in-your-face silver glitter perfect for adding a little extra shine to any look. It’s rock and roll glamour in a bottle.
2. Deborah Lipmann in Bad Romance

This special edition Debrah Lipmann shade is a statement-maker. As big of a hit as its namesake Lady Gaga song, this deep black cherry shade is packed with subtle and edgy hexagonal fuchsia glitter for brilliant shine.
3. OPI Midnight in Moscow
This black polish infused with deep red shimmer changes and plays with the light. One moment it’s red, the other it’s black. Trickster. From OPI’s Russian Collection, this shade has been a staple of mine for a few years now.

xo – madi


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2 Responses to inspiration: all that glitters

  1. naserita says:

    thoughts on deborah lipmann’s happy birthday? also – work appropriate nailpolishes = taboo?

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