my beauty bag: damage control

Just a bit over a year and a half ago I, a natural and highlighted blonde, decided to dye my hair brown. Although I liked playing the part of a brunette for a while, I was over it in several months and decided to go back to my roots. Enter the horror stories here: breakage, colour stripping, an incompetent hair dresser and a lovely shade of dull copper but I thought it’s all a part of the process and I’ll be back to blonde in no time, right? Wrong. A botched dye job by said incompetent hair dresser took me back to brown this past winter and fried my hair a little more. I was left with two choices, one; chop off the damage to my hair or two; wait and do some damage control myself. I was not going to lose half of my hair so I got serious about repair and styling. With the help of these products I’m back to blonde and plan on keeping that way.

1. Aveda Damage Remedy Kit
I credit this kit as saving my hair’s life. It’s a resuscitator for weak, lifeless and broken hair: I was blonde again in less that 2 months. It’s also very light and doesn’t leave a residue. I use the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in every time I wash my hair and the intensive treatment once a week.

2. Living Proof Full Thickening Cream
I like a bit of volume and to add a little oomph back in I switched from my spray volumizer to Living Proof. It adds body, thickness and flexibility to my hair all at once. It smells really great too.
3. Aveda Elements Smoothing Fluid
This has been a favorite of mine for several years. Nothing tames the frizz of damaged hair more than the Aveda Elements Smoothing Fluid. It conditions and adds shine as well. I like to use it before I blow dry and again after for a finished look.

4. Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Sheer Shine Mist
Because of all the stress it went through my hair can be a little dull, especially now that it’s summer the heat and the chlorine is out to get me. I like to spray this olive-oil based shine mist on my hair after I blow dry for a little glisten here and a little sparkle there.
5. Nexxus Comb-Thru Natrual Hold and Finishing Mist

I don’t like hairsprays that make your hair feel like a helmet. This one by Nexxus is perfect, it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair yet it provides just enough hold to make my style last through the day.

xo – madi


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