psst… it’s OPI’s Day of Shatter

To celebrate the Shatter craze and often sold out status of these polishes, OPI has named today, July 13, 2011, OPI’s Day of Shatter. Shatter lovers unite! These polishes add a unique and fun element to any mani, just paint your favorite peek-a-boo colour underneath and your tips are guaranteed to get noticed. There are endless combinations with these polishes, here are my picks:

1. OPI Samoan Sand + OPI Black Shatter
2. OPI Spark de Triomphe + OPI White Shatter
3. OPI Sparrow me the Drama + OPI Silver Shatter
4. OPI Designer Series Radiance + OPI Navy Shatter

Here’s one my favourite Shatter manis. It’s courtesy of Noir Nail Bar and I’m wearing OPI Funny Bunny (as you know I am obsessed) with OPI Black Shatter.

Happy Day of Shatter!

Xo – madi

P.S Don’t forget to show off your shatter mani on OPI’s Facebook event page!


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3 Responses to psst… it’s OPI’s Day of Shatter

  1. Belle says:

    love your blog. i’ve just started my blog too! subscribed 🙂 can’t wait to see more posts!

  2. Madi S says:

    thanks for the love Belle!

  3. I love the Sparrow me the Drama – I gifted that to my cousin because she is such a drama queen and is really into pinks!

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